Welcome to the DarkChannel!

DarkChannel is a open and free, crypto agnostic, secure, modern relay chat protocol.

It's 2017 - 4 years after Snowden - and many peoples still use old, insecure chat protocols from the 1990's. This has many reasons which may be debated. One of those reasons is that modern chat tools tend to be clumsy and one-to-one Messenger type of tools, mostly usable on mobile devices. Some of them provide secure communication and some of them provide group communication but - let's put it this way - most of those suffer from other problems, which we don't want to elaborate on.

DarkChannel tries to specify a modern, secure and trustworthy IRC-style protocol based on known secure building blocks without reinventing the wheel or trying to implement a new cryptographic system.

The DarkChannel protocol specification does not depend on a specific cryptographic system. Current reference implementations are using GnuPG as the underlaying cryptographic system, but any cryptographic system providing the needed properties could be used instead - at least that's the theory. ;)

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Latest release: darkchannel-0.45 (download) [2015-08-03]

Updated March 25, 2016  
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