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DCD - DarkChannel Daemon



The layman repository below contains the [dev-perl/DarkChannel] [portage] ebuild. Just add the above repository to your layman configuration an emerge the ebuild.


To install DarkChannel under Debian download the source code and use the follwing commands:

apt-get -y install haveged gnupg-agent
curl -L | perl - App::cpanminus
tar -Jxvf darkchannel-*.tar.xz
cd darkchannel-*
cpanm --notest .

Any other UNIX system with Perl

If you don't care about your package manager, you can install DarkChannel directly from the source.

You can install DarkChannel with the following commands:

perl Makefile.PL
sudo make install


Make sure you have a working Docker installation.

Pull and install the DarkChannel Docker image and it's support scripts with the following commands:

export TARGET_DIR=~/bin
docker run -t -i --rm \
  --env TARGET_UID=$(id -u) --env TARGET_GID=$(id -g) \
  -u root -w /home/darkchannel -v ${TARGET_DIR}:/install \
  aguindehi/debian-darkchannel:latest ./install

This will install the scripts dcc, dcd and _dccore in the specified target directory under your own user id.

Updated July 10, 2015  
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